Where is the kayak barn?

Your trip will begin at 211 N. Main Street in an small brick building located in Fannie Pell Park.  The small brick building is the Kayak barn where you will meet to obtain your life vest, paddle, make payments, and fill your water bottle!  We have a sign on the side of the building now.  It’s visible from N. Main Street.

Do you “shuttle” personal kayaks?
Yes, we do provide transportation service for a fee of $15 per kayak or canoe.  Call ahead and we will be able to take you based on available space.


Is there an age limit?
We highly suggest children be 3+yrs of age or older for safety and an enjoyable experience for the child.


Can I bring my Dog?
Yes,  many dogs love the water. We encourage you to bring your dog if you feel they would enjoy it.  If  you have a large dog you may want to rent a tandem kayak so you and your dog can enjoy the trip comfortably.

We recommend you bring a life vest for your dog. We do not have canine life jackets available at the Kayak barn.   We ask that you use common sense when it comes to caring for your dog and following any rules when in public places.


Do I have to wear a life preserver?
Yes, and at all times!   All guests will have a coast guard approved life vest and it must be on when you get in your kayak.  They are comfortable and provide peace of mind should an accident occur.  The river is flowing at all times, so be safe and follow the rules.


How long does it take?
The Family Trip is approximately (1 hr) or the Adventure Trip approximately (3 hr) depending on the river flow rate on that day.  We will work hard to get your rental paperwork done and get you launched or loaded for the launch upriver.  Booking on line will help get you in the river quickly!

Additional treks can be arranged by appointment!

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When are you open?

May 25, 2024 – Labor Day.  See operating hours here.

We welcome groups for outings and team building on Wednesdays & Thursdays



Do I need to make reservations?
We highly suggest you call in advance so we can provide the best service.  We will, however, work to accommodate everyone who wants to Kayak the Kalamazoo!


I’ve never been kayaking before!
No experience necessary.  Kayaking is safe and easy and all ages can have fun.


What should I bring?

We recommend wearing water shoes or old tennis shoes you don’t mind getting wet.  Flip flops can float away and are not recommended footwear.  Sunscreen & bug spray are helpful too.  You may want have a dry bag or zip lock bag to keep your phone and valuables clean and dry.


Where do I park?

There is public parking by City Hall and a city lot just east of there on Main Street.  We can advise you on the best parking place once you arrive at our location at 211 N. Main St, Plainwell, MI 49080.



We have a restroom at the Kayak Barn.  It does not include showering facilities.


Are there weight limits?  Yes

Single “sit-on-top” style kayaks will be comfortable for those who are 300 lbs. and less.

Single “sit-in” style kayaks will be comfortable for those up to 250-300 lbs.

Our tandem “sit-on-top” kayaks are rated to hold a total of 550 lbs.

For guests weighting over 300 lbs. we will adjust the seat to the center of the tandem kayak to ensure the most comfortable and safe trip.  Please call or send us a message so are able to reserve the proper kayak you.