This is Lois’ third year in the Kayak Rental business after a career in sales, marketing, sales management & all the lessons of life! She is passionate about kayaking after taking her first trip from D Ave. to Plainwell and from Plainwell to Otsego only a few years ago. Since then, she has kayaked in various Michigan lakes and rivers.

“We have such a beautiful clean resource in the Kalamazoo River and I want people to enjoy it as much as I do”. Our goal is to make kayaking easy for you!

Cooper, Josh, Nate and Stuart our local high school students will be back to help serve you! Stuart is taking on the responsibilities as our Assistant Manager this year, it is Stuarts third season working for Plainwell Kayak Company. Creating opportunities for local students to work is a passion and a dream for Lois who herself found her career working summer jobs in during high school and college.

We will strive to develop a business that is safe, affordable, dependable, and of course fun to deal with. We welcome your suggestions as we hone the operations of the Plainwell Kayak Company.